Self Storage

We could all use some extra space now and again.  Our self storage solutions offer a cost-effective, secure way to win back the space you need in your home or business premises.

Whether you are moving home, looking to de-clutter or just need extra space to store clothing, garden equipment or other personal possessions, we have the perfect size storage space for you.

Some of the most popular reasons to rent additional storage space include;

Moving House – Store your belongings somewhere easily accessible and safe until you move in

House clearance or de-cluttering – Store furniture and belongings that your don’t want to part with, to give you more room in your home

Clothes storage – Store your out of season garments and shoes somewhere safe and dry until they are back in style

Garden storage – Keep your garden equipment, lawnmowers, BBQ’s and garden furniture somewhere safe during the winter months

Getting Married or co-habiting? – Combining your joint belongings can be a bit of a squeeze, keep them safe with us until

you find somewhere bigger

Separating or splitting up? – You can store your belongings safely with us, with us whilst you get yourself sorted

Bereavement in the family?  – Come to us for safe storage of furniture and belongings whilst the probate process takes


Refurbishing or redecorating?  – Move your belongings out of the way until the work is completed

Back from uni?  – A convenient temporary place to keep your belongings until you go back

Running a small business? – Keep your old documents, files and other non-essential items safe with us.

Retiring or scaling down? Store your possessions whilst you decide on what to keep.