Storage Tips

With a little planning, you can ensure that the only thing you need to worry about when you rent storage space from us, is what you are going to do with all that extra space you now have at home or in the office.

There are ways you can make your storage experience even more rewarding.

These are our top tips for packing, storing and enjoying the freedom of having your own self storage unit.


  • Start by covering the ground space with a dust sheet to protect your goods, when all your items are in, cover with a dust sheet to keep them clean and protected.
  • If you are storing small or awkward-sized items, use a shelving unit to maximise space.
  • Fill drawers or cabinets with items to avoid having any empty spaces.
  • Stack according to weight and size: heavy items on the bottom and smaller boxes on top.
  • Vacuum seal clothing or bedding before placing it in the unit.
  • Disassemble beds and tables and store sofas upright.
  • Always use bubble wrap for any fragile or  breakable items.
  • Fill your packing boxes to the top to prevent internal shifting and thus breaking.
  • Clearly label the boxes that include fragile items, and place them in the unit last so that there is nothing heavy on top or in front of them.
  • Don’t store electronics in a room that gets below freezing. These subzero temperatures can wipe out your hard drive and ruin your TV. If you must, at least give them a few blankets to keep them warm.
  • Place mattresses flat, to prevent all the padding from falling to one side.
  • Use plastic storage containers with air-tight lids if you are concerned about damp if you are not using an climate controlled unit.
  • Allow some ventilation through small spaces between the walls.
  • If you are storing appliances that use water, wipe the insides of them with baking soda prior to storage, to remove any traces of H20.
  • Use mattress bags or furniture covers for anything with fabric.
  • Lubricate any metal items, like tools and bicycles, with oil before storing to prevent them from rusting.
  • Ensure ease of access by making an aisle in your unit so you can reach every part of it.
  • Label every box with the key items that can be found within. It’s much easier than having to open them one by one.
  • Place furniture sliders under the heavy items as you unload them. That way, if you need to push things around, it’s super easy.
  • Take an inventory of everything you load into your storage unit. An itemised list is extremely handy should anything get damaged and you need to file an insurance claim.
  • You should clean all your clothes, kitchen utensils and appliances, including your washing machine and fridge. Any dirt left on these items can turn into mould.
  • Make sure you don’t pack away your items when they’re damp, as this can cause mildew and create a nasty smell in your storage space.