Terms & Conditions (Stable Self Storage).

Terms & Conditions Stable Self Storage Ltd.

1. The owner hereby gives the licensee permission to use the container/storage facility for the storage upon the following terms.
2. The licensee agrees to pay the hire fee for the use of the container the first payments as deposit and first payment being made on or before the date of this licence. Subsequent monthly payments must be made either by cheque or cash by the due date.
3. The licensee further agrees:
I. To keep the container in good repair and to make good all damage attributable to his own or his agents act of Neglect or default
ii. To take all reasonable and proper precautions against fire occurring in or around the container
iii. Not to do or permit to be done anything which may be or become illegal or nuisance or cause annoyance or discomfort to the
owner or any neighbours including of neighbours storage on which may violate any policy of the licensees own rights of storage or
increase the premium thereon.
iv. Not to let or part with possessions / information of the container or any part therefore.
v. Not to use the container for the storage of anything which may become a danger to the owner or any neighbours including users
of storage.
vi. Upon the termination of this licence to leave the container vacant and in a clean tidy condition and not to leave there any property
of his or which may be responsible for and to return the key to the owner.
vii. To indemnify the owner against any liability whatsoever arising from the licensee’s use of storage.
viii. To use the storage to store property only.
ix. Not to obstruct any part of the owners site and not to park vehicles on any part of the owner’s site save for the purpose of loading
or unloading property stored in the container only.
4. It is further agreed that the owner may at any time during the subsistence of this license and without giving notice to the
I. Require that the licensee move all of his property stored in the container to any alternative containers on the owners site as the
owner may select (replacement container) and if the owner exercises this right then this license will continue on the footing that the
replacement container is the container referred to herein and the clauses of this license shall be construed accordingly.
ii. Move the container to any position on the owners site as the owner may select.
5. This license may be terminated at any time by the owner or the licensee by two weeks notice in writing or by the owner without
notice at any time following any breaches of clauses 2,3 or 4 hereof.
6. The licensee shall at all times during the subsistence of this license be entitled to use a key for the use as access to the
7. The owner is not liable for the death of or injury to the licensee or his agents or for any damage to any property of theirs or for
any liability whatsoever arising from the licensees use of the container.
8. If the following termination of this licence, any property belonging to licensee remains in the container and licensee fails to
remove it within seven days of the termination date, then the owner may, as agent of the licensee, remove and sell or otherwise
dispose of that property without any liability upon the owner to obtain the best , high or reasonable price for the said property.
At all times , the said property will be at the licensee’s risk and no liability shall fall on the owner in respect of damage to or the
destruction or disposal of the said property. The licensee must indemnify the owner against any liability incurred to any third party
who’s property is sold by it in the mistaken belief good faith (which is to be presumed unless the contrary is proved) that the
property belonged to the licensee. If having made reasonable efforts to do so the owner is unable to locate the licensee, then
the owner may retain the proceeds of sale absoultutley unless the licensee claims them within two months of the date upon which
the property was disposed of.
9. The licensee should provide their own comprehensive insurance which covers fire, theft and damage to both the container, any
property within the container and any property or vehicles on the owners premises.
10. This licence is not intended to and does not create a tenancy and is personal to the licensee and is not assignable.
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